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Intro to best friend sessions

I've been having this ache to tap into a different side of my creativity, I'm a firm believer that you can't grow without challenging yourself.

I love my family photo sessions, it's how Cortney Lorraine Photography started and it's an offering that will always be available. Most of the families I've worked with I'm lucky enough to see them on a regular basis. This fills me with so much joy, watching their family grow from year to year is so exciting. Sometimes the kids remember me, sometimes they don't, but we always have fun!

The first step towards challenging my creativity was introducing weddings into the Cortney Lorraine Photography portfolio and this year that happened. I loved every minute of the joy that wedding days bring and am looking forward to expanding my wedding work in 2020.

Most recently I felt it would be really fun to introduce friendship sessions. It doesn't matter what the age or gender of the friends are, I just want to get a few groups of friends together and capture their bond in a way they wouldn't be able to otherwise.

I just wrapped up the editing of my first best friend session and it was a a blast. As I spent an hour walking through the park with these three I caught a glimpse into their world. I'm sure some of my requests felt totally awkward, but they went along with it and nailed every scene. The feedback from their moms reaffirmed my decision to do this as well!

"These are so beautiful they make me cry! Thank you so much for taking the time with the girls. I actually think you really captured their friendship in these pics. I can almost hear what they are saying."

I have another session coming up soon and can't wait to see what those friends bring to the session!

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